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When traveling in a car or truck with your dog, always make sure their safety is considered.  For good tips and helpful reminders of why this is important visit:



Pet insurance can be a good idea whether you travel or not.  You never know when something serious could happen.  Be protected with insurance.  See VPI Pet Insurance at

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When traveling with your dog, following are a few helpful tips and things to consider:
  • Always be prepared to pick up your pups pooh.  Special bio-degradable bags designed for discrete and efficient pooh pickup are available at your local pet store.  When in a bind, a plastic grocery bag will work.
  • Check out local libraries or just simple keep your eye out when you arrive at your destination.  Many cities offer special doggie events magazines highlighting current events and specials.
  • Look for "doggie happy hours" and special "doggie" menus at restaurants.
  • Start doggie socialization as soon as they become a member of your family.  Visit local restaurants and dog parks often to socialize your dog.
  • When traveling log hours in your car, don't forget about your furry friend who might need to go potty before you arrive at your destination.
  • Always be aware of local leash laws when traveling.  Certain places have fines for dogs not on a leash.  The general rule, however, is always keep your dog on a leash unless in specific or designated "off leash" areas.
  • Does your dog bark when left alone?  Try not to venture out without them.  Other guest at the hotel may complain.  Also, look for doggie day care if you are planning on going to an event or place that does not permit pets.  Certain events and sites may not allow dogs on the site but provide a doggie day care service.  
  • Before leaving on a trip with your dog, make sure they are caught up on their vaccinations and wearing their "I am legal" charm on their necklaces.  If using doggie day care services, kennel cough must be considered.
  • Is your pup pooped from a long day and ready for a snooze?  Be sure to leave the "do not disturb" sign on the door if you sneak out for a walk or happy hour while they are resting.
  • Always call restaurants before you leave to eat.  While most places allow pets on patios, some places may choose not too.
  • When dining with your furry friend, be aware that not everyone likes to see dogs at restaurants.  Be discrete and only eat out if your dog is well behaved and likes to see other people.
  • Ask restaurants if they have a special doggie menu.  Maybe you would want to splurge for a nice meal for your furry friend.
  • Don't feed your doggie from the table when eating out, even if yours eats from the fork like ours do.
  •  Be mindful of your dogs temper and attitude toward people, children and other dogs.  Don't put your dog or others at risk.  Everyone wants to have fun.
  • Before setting out on a travel adventure with your furry friend, perhaps a bath may be in order.  They want to be loved by all and not leave them smelling of stinky dog.
  • When traveling to the beach or lake, be sure to not leave pooh behind on the beach or shoreline.  Others don't want to risk stepping in this special gift.
  • Is your furry friend a senior citizen?  Be sure to not expect too much activity and allow for plenty of rest breaks.
  • When picking a trail to hike with your dog, be sure to pick an appropriate trail given the levels of difficulty.
  • Use an organized travel bag to pack your dogs stuff for the road and keep it handy.  This will cut down on frustrations when trying to find a snack or toy when on the road.
  • Be curtious of future guests when staying in hotels, etc. and try to keep your friend off the furniture.  If your friend happens to be unable to resist the temptation, be sure to bring an extra sheet or blanket to lay over the bed or furniture.
  • When traveling to the beach or lake, be sure to bring extra towels so that you may provide your dog a place to lay as well as dry off.
  • Always travel with a first aid kit that includes items appropriate to treat minor cuts, etc. that may happen.
  • Try to never leave home without your friends favorite toy.  Whether your doggie loves to suckle his favorite stuff toy or chew on a delicious raw hide, their toys can comfort and entertain them in hotel rooms and long car rides.
  • When setting out on a day at the beach, a hike up a trail, or a walk in town, always remember to take a portable water bowl and plenty of water.  Your furry friend will need to drink water often.




Pet travel gear is always helpful when traveling with your dog.  Visit LL Bean for unique dog travel gear.

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The MuttMitt is a perfect product for keeping clean after your furry friend.  They are environmentally friendly and easy to use.  See to find out more about the product and read testimonials.  The Mutt Mitt product is offered at a variety of retail stores including Target and PetSmart. 

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Traveling with a good book is a must. Dog Days recommends...

 Inside of a Dog: What Dogs See, Smell, and Know



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