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Barking up the right tree.

Just because you’re visiting Savannah doesn’t mean you have to leave your furry friends at home. You’ll find several pet-friendly Savannah hotels that let you bring your dog or kitty along to experience our fine city.

And because Savannah is graced with so many inviting green spaces, your pooch will just love romping from park to park and square to square. Some even have “doggie bubblers” to keep man’s best friend properly hydrated.

Want to pamper your pet? Be sure to check out our array of pet salons, pet sitters and dog bakeries.




Thunderbird Inn Pet-friendly hotel in Savannah Introduces Year Around “Dog Days in Savannah” Travel Video and Pet-friendly Historic District

Shaded landscapes, outdoor cafes, easy-flowing hospitality, and welcoming pet lodging are part of the pet-friendly appeal in the Landmark Savannah Historic District. An enthusiastic sponsor to the 2010 Savannah Wiener Dog Races (October 2, 2010, during Oktoberfest on the Savannah Riverfront), Thunderbird Inn’s pet-friendly Savannah hotel / motel / inn launches a new 3-minute video – “Dog Days in Savannah”.


SAVANNAH Georgia (August 2, 2010) – World-famous Savannah is a dog-loving town!  One only needs to watch a newly released 3-minute video — “Dog Days in Savannah” — to tap into the fun-loving southern city that is getting less private about being pet-friendly.

Southern travelers are discovering the pet-friendly city that boasts public dog bowls in its most pristine public places — Troupe Square, Forsyth Park and Ellis Square.  Even on a rainy day in Ellis Square, the camera captures pedigreed and rescue pups paw-to-paw and tail-to-tail enjoying Ellis Square in the Landmark Savannah Historic District.

“For two days we turned the spotlight on pet lovers eager to include their best pet pals for fun outings,” says marketing executive Sandy Traub.  “Budgets did not permit pay, so the participation was for the love of dogs, and each participant and business’s willingness to help showcase Savannah as a pet-friendly town.”

The video is commissioned by “The Hippest Hotel in Savannah”,  Thunderbird Inn —  The southern retro inn (42 rooms) in downtown Savannah makes pet travel easy for inn guests, beginning with a ready list of pet-friendly shops, cafes, tours, and parks is provided at check in.

“Pet-friendly Savannah is simply an extension of the world-famous friendly reputation that this beautiful city has earned over the centuries,” adds Ms. Traub. “Authentically in the new Ellis Square, there is now a watering spot for dogs. Historically, we are told there was a dog watering area near the horses in the Old City Market.”

“This old city may seem to be slow and easy, but it also exudes a contemporary vibe. At the core are creative art and visionary economics. Look on top of City Hall. The City father’s put two statues there to remind us of their vision — art and commerce,” shares Ms. Traub. The fun-loving video playfully encourages both, while the historically charming and artsy spots provide the inviting backdrop.

Simulated social media “tweets” kick up the geek factor. “Thunderbird Inn is right in step with Savannah’s creative community, a sponsor also for GeekEnd2010. Now it will be fun to see the comments from pups on Twitter (R), responding to our social media tweets,” states Ms. Traub. The social media team is looking for more Twitter-dogs to talk to.

“We have tweeted one-on-one invitations to @FIDOFriendly, @mattiedog, @trailerparkdogs and @brutusthedane.  We are looking for more Twitter-dogs to talk to!”



The red, heart shaped dog tags say it simply: “Thunderbird Inn Loves Me”. “Pet loving travelers want to know that their 4-legged family members are welcomed,” says general manager Mark Thomas. “At this downtown inn, they certainly are welcome!”

“Increasingly, pet owners want to bring their family dog or cat on vacation with them,” adds Mr. Thomas. He clarifies that the inn’s zealous welcome to pets also requires an equal commitment by pet owners.

“The pet-friendly lodging at Thunderbird Inn is an invitation to responsible pet owners and happy pets. By design, our pet requirements weed out any irresponsible pet owners. Our Domestic Pet Welcome includes a modest pet deposit, requirements on arrival for proof of up-to-date vaccines, and a contract signed by the pet owner to verify “I-care” and “I will do my part” for everyone’s enjoyment at the inn.”

Going even further than lodging, the inn’s friendly staff will orient travelers to local pet etiquette for dogs in public spaces about in the downtown, and provide pet cleanup bags to pet owners.

Accommodations and amenities for well-supervised dogs and cats make the few hoop-jumping moments for owners worth it. Pet-friendly amenities include:

* Custom Thunderbird Inn pet bed
* Stainless steel dishes and mat
* Bottled spring water
* Complimentary pet treats in the lobby
* Complimentary extra “Doggie Poo Bags”
* Maps of downtown Savannah, with designated pet-friendly restaurants, cafes and comfort areas.


Thunderbird Inn is a new sponsor to the popular Weiner Dog Races held on the Savannah Riverfront during Oktoberfest annually.  Proceeds support Dachshund National Rescue of America (DNRA).  Flik, one of the dachshunds in the Dog Days in Savannah, participated in the video with Savannah Dachshund Club spokesperson Ellen Hatcher.   Flik is available for adoption.

For the 2010 Weiner Dog Races, the Savannah Morning News and the Savannah Waterfront Association are calling for submissions of artwork for the 2010 Savannah Wiener Dog Races. The artwork will be used on t-shirts, in advertising and on posters. Deadline to enter artwork is September 10, 2010.  An online submission form is here —


The Humane Society Savannah-Chatham  ( needs assistance.  To support the community call for shelter food, Thunderbird Inn invites guests to stay and play in Savannah for a few days, and simultaneously help out the shelter.

The area’s top pet photographer, Becky Smith ( is helping to champion the community call for dog and cat food at the enlarged shelter facilities. She advises that animal lives can and are being saved with more food available to feed the dogs at the Humane Society.

“In August for each guest who brings at least a 10-pound bag of dog food earmarked for the Humane Society, the inn will credit $10 off the room rate. If you’re booking a pet-friendly room, we’ll also waive one-half of the pet deposit,” Mark Thomas adds. “We can and will do more for good things that are happening in Savannah’s pet community.”


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