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 Arizona is most well known for of course the Grand Canyon, but what people are learning is that Arizona is great place to travel with your dog.  Perhaps, what makes Arizona so great  is how it has inspired American's today, yesterday, and tomorrow to pack up and drive across the country to see what it has to offer.  This is a perfect trip to bring your dog along.  The Grand Canyon is a must see at least once in your lifetime and there is no reason not to plan a road trip to visit this destination. 

Over a third of the state still belongs to the Native Americans and in the northeastern part of the state, you will find the Navajo Nation.  In the Navajo Nation, the Canyon de Chelly and the Ancestral Puebloan ruins, as well as Monument Valley are great stops while in the area.  Arizona is also home to many great cities including Tombstone, Phoenix and Tucson. 



Feel free to email Dog Days of Travel at [email protected] with any questions, comments, or suggestions on places you have been and stayed while traveling in Arizona. 

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