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Increasing Accommodations for ‘Paw’sengers

August 7, 2010 - 8:16 AM | by: Elizabeth Prann

Source:  Fox News

In the dog days of summer, vacationers across the county are packing their four-legged family members for the trip and businesses are responding.

“People like to travel with their pets and that’s what it is all about, people are very loyal to their pets and vice versa,” said Hotel Palomar Assistant General Manager, Mike Sutter. “We take any size or shape. Recently we had a pot belly pig stay at the hotel.”

Sutter said any given week there are at least 10 pets that pass through his luxury hotel. The furry family members have a chef on site who makes homemade dog biscuits. Chew toys are left in the rooms and fresh water and beds are available in the lobby.

For someone such as Valerie Biehl, a veterinarian from Florida, taking her two Bernese mountain dogs along with her family on vacation is important.

“I think it’s becoming more popular but I was astounded that a hotel of this caliber would allow dogs,” Biehl said. “It’s very nice because we like to stay at nice places and we are amazed they allow our boys to come with us.”

And for someone who travels almost three weeks out of every month, Melissa Westmoreland, said she enjoys her new travel companion. She checked in to the Hotel Indigo in Midtown Atlanta with her pug, Allie last week.

“To me they’re like my children,” Westmoreland said. “I have no kids and they’re like my kids. It wouldn’t be fair to them uproot them from the normal routine and separate from them. They don’t get the same attention when they’re in the kennel.”

And when the pups aren’t relaxing in a fancy air conditioned hotel, they can head to a number of restaurants offering Milk Bone happy hours and dinner specials for K9’s.

“We have some customers who say they don’t go anywhere without their dog,” said Rick Stack, the general manager of Thirsty Dog Tavern.” It’s really advantages to have a place where they can come dine. We have a dog menu as well, we serve kibbles and bits, milk bones, filets and hot dogs.”

The restaurant opened in April. Even on a hot summer night, it had a busy patio this week.

“I literately think that there are some people who don’t want to go anywhere without their dog,” he said.

And besides the accommodations and dining, family pets can also get from one point to another a lot more comfortably than they used to. Pet Airways is a pet-only service that allows animals to travel in the main cabin. Service has grown in only a year. Pet Airways initially offered flights to 9 cities such as L.A., Denver, Chicago and New York but it is in the middle of another expansion and will offer more cities in the Fall.

“More than 75 million pets travel each year," Alysa said. "There's enormous pent-up demand for Pet Airways, where pets travel in the main cabin.  Now there's a safe, comfortable option.”



With so many companies moving toward the dog traveler understanding that this is a growing market, Dog Days of Travel offers the Dog Friendly News as a way to keep up with all the product changes and inititives taking place in the market place today.

iPhone App For Travel



Dog-Friendly Travel: iPhone Apps for Pets, and More

Tue Mar 1, 2011 5:03pm EST


Fortunately, some iPhone apps can actually help you travel with your pet, or at least ease the separation anxiety. Here are just a few:


1. PawTrotter – Not sure where you can safely take Fido without bothering other people? PawTrotter lists more than 130,000 dog-friendly locations in the United States, such as parks, beaches, hotels, vets, grooming parlours and pet shops. You can search for a location, or have the app pinpoint nearby spots. If something is missing, add it yourself!


2. Camp Bow-Wow - Camp Bow Wow is a dog boarding and daycare center in Canada and the USA, but its app is pretty genius: once you check your dog into the center, you get to watch him or her play via webcam. It’s pretty easy to trust an organization when you can literally watch them on the job.


3. Off Leash - Another one for the dogs, this one uses GPS support to find the 5 closest parks, and then gives directions on how to get there. If you know a park not listed, you can submit it yourself!


4. PetMD – Yes, like WebMD, but for animals. PetMD has apps for both dog and cat emergencies, all written in clear, straightforward information. It covers everything from broken bones to allergic shock…but you should probably still call a vet.


5. Pet Notebook – If you’re on the road with your pet, you don’t want to carry around their latest medical records or a ton of other documents. This app stores all your pets’ info, including medication and latest vaccinations.

 Or hey, you could opt for the virtual pet and carry him or her around in your pocket. Much easier.


Some of us can’t bear the thought of being separated from our furry counterparts for a full vacation. In addition, kennel fees can be absolutely ridiculous, especially for long-term trips.





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