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Second chance at life for Greyhounds
Homosassa, Florida - The National Greyhound Foundation (NGF) headquartered in Homosassa, Florida has partnered with Correc-tions Corporation of America (CCA) to launch their nationwide program, 2nd Chance at Life Greyhounds and Inmates Corrections Partnership in Florida. The offenders at the Hernando Co. Jail in Brooksville will be in the first pilot program. CCA staff and inmate caretakers who qualify are trained to become Greyhound Obedience trainers and train the greyhounds in the five basic obedience commands. During a 12-week training session, inmates share their cells and care for the dogs 24/7, while socializing and preparing them for their new adoption homes. Staff oversees the preparation of the dogs for their Greyhound Good Citizen Certification.
The program focuses on spiritual, emotional, and personal growth for the inmates, through the spreading of un-conditional love – an emotion many inmates have never been exposed to. The greyhounds are teaching the inmates patience, responsibility and developing parental skills. In many instances, inmates may be experiencing for the first time the concept of working together as a team for the good of something other than themselves.
Beverly Sebastian/ Executive Director of the National Greyhound Foundation ““This program helps solve an ever-increasing problem of where to keep re-tired greyhounds until they can be adopted. We have high hopes for a much lower recidivism rate with graduating inmates and greyhounds.” ” At the same time, the correctional facilities are benefiting.
Chief of Security Doug Conn / Hernando County Jail ““I had some reservations at first, but we have seen a number of benefits…I have no negatives to report.” ”
Chief Doug Fender / National Greyhound Foundation ““Our goal was to establish a program that would permit female prisoners to re-connect with their maternal instincts and rediscover through the care for these animals a purpose for leading a productive life. They have already noted a change in the attitude within their facilities and are working to expand it into the male facilities. ” Sebastian estimates 6,000 greyhounds and more than 18,000 in-mates will be touched by the program each year, when fully opera-tional. 2nd Chance at Life has placed over 300 greyhounds in the program in Indiana and Michigan this year and estimates another 600 more dogs will be trained by the end of 2007 in those states plus FLORIDA.

 Warden Don Stewart / Hernando County Jail ““This is a great example of a win-win situation…there is a need to retain these dogs, rather than discard them.” ”Department of Correc-tion facilities are offering their volunteers all over the country to help save these Florida Greyhounds. We have found a way to help the Greyhound Industry save many more of their retiring greyhounds and we hope that they and the Florida State Legislators will join us in this program. As Warden Stewart says, it’s a win-win situation for everyone concerned.” Says Mrs. Sebastian as she looks to the future. The 2nd Chance at Life: Greyhound & Inmates Corrections Part-nership is the fastest growing network of foster care homes between the NGF, State Department of Corrections Partners, Adoption Part-ners, Greyhound Kennel Operators and Tracks, nationwide. It is currently operating with Department of Correction (DOC) partners in Michigan, Indiana and Ohio. The National Greyhound Foundation, founded in 1994, is a nation-wide IRS-recognized 501 © (3) non-profit organization that provides benefits, services and assistance to Retired Racing Greyhounds and their Human Owners, Foster parents and the Community at large that support this Animal/Human bond. 2nd Chance at Life is the most exciting program we’ve found that combines this bond of sav-ing lives and healing spirits. Founded in 1983, Correction Corporation of America is the nation’s largest provider of correctional management services to federal, state and local governments and the fifth largest corrections system in the country. CCA has been operating the Hernando County Jail since 1988. For more information about the National Greyhound Foundation:



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